We provide products and services for successful problem solving.

We have built up an exceptional track record and Client list. We have developed robust and transparent methodologies and embedded these into world class software.

We can reduce the time you spend on front end and feasibility studies. This saves not just time, but money. The return on investment is typically 3 to 10 fold. With better quality ideas and more robust evaluation, revisiting a study is a thing of the past. Get through technical reviews and funding authorities with ease. All in all, we help to make your life easier.

See our new text book!

We have published a text book on problem solving that shares some of our tools, techniques and methodologies.

It provides insight and worked examples of a full, systematic approach to solving problems, challenges or needs.

Separated into chapter on problem definition, idea generation, options evaluation and then into project management and measures of effectiveness it provides the most up to date and comprehensive text book available.

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Do you use brainstorming to generate options?

If you do, then we can turbocharge your sessions. Traditional brainstorming is not very effective. We can help you generate many more ideas and crucial many better ideas.

Do you use a spreadsheet for multi criteria decision analysis (MCDA)?

If you do then your evaluations are not robust enough to withstand scrutiny. You cannot carry out all the sensitivity analysis required and you will not be basing the results on a mathematically underpinned theory. We can help make your evaluations much more robust so they can stand up to the most detailed review.