Evaluation Health Check


Will your evaluation come under scrutiny from others?

If you are using multi criteria decision analysis (MCDA, MADA, etc.), we can offer a fixed price, independent review. Privacy, discretion and confidentiality guaranteed.

Just send us your spreadsheet and we will produce a report for you within 5 working days. We will produce, from your data, a full range of sensitivity analysis, comments on the evaluation, conclusions and recommendations.

The aim is to reinforce and validate your own conclusions or to identify areas that are weak and might be worth strengthening prior to external scrutiny.

GIBO. Please note that garbage in garbage out applies. The analysis is purely based on what you send us.

We will not, ever, share or publish any information. It is your information. If you wish, you can withhold your company name, change option names or otherwise redact as necessary. However, it should also be noted that we can provide better insight and analysis if given more information.

To discuss your health check please contact us.