Facilitation Equipment


What makes a good workshop?

Almost all organisations hold workshops. They can tie up a lot of people for a day or two and so need to be done as efficiently and effectively as possible.

We have refined our workshops so they are quite simply the best of their kind available. We have optimised the agenda and structure for many different types of workshops and we have also developed a range of supporting equipment. This equipment helps make our workshops thoroughly engaging, immersive and therefore interesting.

We do not have sufficient resources to meet demand and so we focus on clients and projects who have the most difficult workshops to run - those which are technically and technologically complex with several or many different stakeholders involved.

However, we can provide our tools and equipment for you to use in your own organisation. These will make your workshops immeasurably better.

Our store displays our full range that includes:

Ideas Posters

Idea Cards

Learning Tools

Room Design

Pens & Markers


Magnetic Boards and Shapes