Workshops should be more than just a big meeting. We facilitate workshops of all sizes (10 - 100 people) in all sorts of industries. They are immersive, interesting and engaging and are guaranteed to deliver high quality, concrete outcomes.

We know that workshops absorb a significant number of your most valuable people and so need to be both efficient AND effective. Our workshops give a very high return on investment.

Our workshops provide team building, knowledge transfer, best practices and concrete outcomes.

Evaluation of Alternatives, optioneering

Evaluations need to be robust. If they cannot stand up to scrutiny they will need to be revisited. This takes time and money, losing momentum and goodwill along the way. We help manage studies of all sizes and complexities to ensure that the choices made do not need to be revisited.  

We provide a high quality, independent services to organisations across multiple sectors and countries.


Prioritisation is about balancing combinations of options for a given budget. Organisations can achieve significantly more value by choosing the right combination. We provide world-leading methodologies to help optimise the combinations and develop best value portfolios.


Measures of Effectiveness

Projects are delivered. They may be late or early or on time. They may be over or under budget. Yet, how do you know if the project actually delivers what it was supposed to do? Was it the solution to the original problem?

We provide a methodology called Measures of Effectiveness (MOE) that measures success. It is broader than traditional outcome measures in that it considers the solution provided from the perspective of multiple stakeholders. 

Research Reports

We provide research studies on a range of technology related subjects. We are independent so can offer non-biased content and conclusions & recommendations built on a wide and deep knowledge across industries and countries. Our primary expertise is in the following:

  • Research & Development
    • Prioritisation, TRLs, underpinning baselines (TBuRDs), Technology Evaluation and Innovation)
  • Robotics
  • Startup & Commissioning
  • Ageing Infrastructure Management
  • Decommissioning


If you are evaluating options or alternatives we offer a fixed price, independent review. Privacy, discretion and confidentiality guaranteed. We will analyse your data, carry out sensitivity analysis and report on strengths and weaknesses to provide you with confidence that your work is robust. More .....



If you are looking to spot existing and future technologies we offer a fixed price, independent analysis. We will look at your Need, Challenge or Problem Statement and report on potential opportunities from our unique, global datasets. More....