We have software to support you

Our software has been designed to improve the process of solving problems. Smart Decisions for evaluating options and the Idea Catalog for generating ideas. The combination makes for an unparalleled toolkit for anyone engaged in solving complex problems. If you need robustness, transparency and confidence, then our software is essential.

Our facilitating equipment complements our software for use in brainstorming workshops. It turbocharges workshops and makes them more efficient ( more ideas, faster) AND more effective (better quality ideas).

Smart Decisions

The best software available for evaluation. Based on multi criteria decision analysis it supports the evaluation of alternatives. If you are still using a spreadsheet, then try something for professionals. Class leading functionality means you will always be able to demonstrate a robust and transparent decision.


Ideas Catalog

99.7% of all inventions are based on a solution that is already known. If you knew what was already invented, then you would have an excellent chance of building on it for your own solution. The Ideas Catalog is just that - thousands of potential solutions to technical challenges.


FacilitatioN Equipment

Running a great workshop takes years of experience and a lot of energy. We have collected together the best tools for the job that we use in our own workshops to make them more widely available to others. Immersive, interesting and engaging workshops come fro having the right tools for the job.