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We have a range of tools to help solve a problem of any complexity. A problem is anything where you aren't sure of the best solution. Click the link below to find out more.

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An innovation toolkit you can't afford to ignore

Our innovation toolkit is a suite of WebApps containing over 2,000 solutions from a wide range of sectors and industries. It is a huge knowledge base of technologies for generating ideas and includes robotics, sensors, decontamination and Triz.

It is said that over 90% of the problems engineers face have been solved somewhere before. If they could follow a logical path to an ideal solution, starting with their personal knowledge and experience, and working their way through company, sector and external knowledge, most of the solutions could be derived from knowledge already available. Our databases provide access to knowledge outside of an individuals' personal knowledge.


Save time & cost: speed up optioneering and front-end thinking

Improve quality: get proven and workable solutions reliably and repeatably

Reduce risk: know that a pathway to a solution is possible

Enhance confidence: demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of available option

Knowledge Management: learn from others - inside and outside of your industry

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