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We have a range of tools to help solve a problem of any complexity. A problem is anything where you aren't sure of the best solution. Click the link below to find out more.

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The Tool For Smart Decisions

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Smart Decisions is used for solving problems

It is unique in that it takes a full lifecycle view of the problem-solution and provides a robust, transparent "Record of Decision"

- Problem Definition: tools to help ensure the problem is thoroughly understood before rushing to solution mode

- Ideas Generation: creativity and Triz tools to help generate ideas or options to solve the problem

- Evaluation: multi criteria approach to selecting the best idea or option

- Implementation: project management tools for the implementation of the preferred option

- Measures of Effectiveness: benefits management tools to confirm that the implemented solution adequately addressed the original problem

The problem can be anything where there isn't an obvious solution and it's complicated: it could be strategy development, R&D, project management or a business improvement