Skills and Expertise

Cogentus has many years experience in the nuclear industry across multiple sites and countries. We pride ourselves in continually learning and improving our knowledge so we can transfer this to our clients.

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Workshop Facilitation

Our expertise is much more that simple facilitation. We project manage the whole process such that the outcomes are exactly what the client needs. We start with the objectives and help to identify participants that can contribute to the objectives. We then design a workshop that will meet the objectives and fit into time and budget availability.

We have a 100% satisfaction record that we are very proud of and run events across the world with numbers ranging from small teams of 6 right up to 60 or more.


Decision Support

We are truly expert in multi criteria decision analysis (MCDA). We match academic thoroughness with real-world experience. Our MCDA textbook explains in detail the processes we follow and where, often, people make mistakes that undermine their evaluation. We understand those mistakes and ensure they do not happen to our clients. We provide a robust, transparent and value-added analysis that can withstand any peer review.

Technology Research and Studies

Our knowledge base of technology is vast and continuously improving. We offer our clients high quality, added-value studies on technological systems. We consider a range of industries from many different countries to ensure our studies are complete and comprehensive.

Key Personnel

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Paula James

BSc (Hons) Chemistry.

Event Producer

Paula has 30 years’ experience of large, complex programmes in the Private and Government sector covering both technical and managerial roles. She is experienced in program management, prioritization, front-end evaluation and data management. After 20 years at Sellafield, and 3 years at Aldermaston (AWE), Paula setup Cogentus with Ian Seed to deliver to clients in the UK, US and Canada. She is a major contributor to the development and update of the Cogentus Idea Catalog.



Mobile/Cell: +44 (0) 787 282 5028

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Ian Seed

MBA, BSc (Hons) Chemical Engineering.

Event Director

Ian has 30 years’ experience in the UK and US Nuclear industry. He is particularly interested in discovering and promulgating new ideas for cross-industry innovation. He has developed software for decision making involving multiple stakeholders (Smart Decisions) and for Idea Generation (Idea Catalog). He has also written two supporting books: “Successful Problem Solving” and “Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis Best Practice Guide”. He is an experienced facilitator and has engaged with top management teams on numerous international assignments.



Mobile/Cell: +44 (0) 787 282 5027