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Focus on Exoskeletons

We have now reached 1,500 robots in the database.

This database covers multiple industries, multiple countries and multiple TRLs. Across all our databases - characterisation & inspection, decontamination, waste treatment, Triz and R&D - we now include over 3,500 technologies. Don't reinvent the wheel. See what others have developed first.

Our February newsletter for the Idea Catalog focuses on exoskeletons. Exoskeletons, in nature, are outer shells used to provide support to the body or as protection. These are now being replicated for humans. A primary focus is, of course, medical. Exoskeletons are in actual use to help the disabled. Several companies have products for those who are wheelchair bound. The video of Claire Lomas doing the Great North Run in Newcastle, UK is particularly inspirational.

The military are also developing exoskeletons. Primarily this is to help soldiers carry more weight into battle. However it also includes devices for coping with constant vibration and even using the soldiers own energy for powering the increasing amount of equipment requiring batteries.

Exoskeletons for industrial use are now becoming mainstream. Japan is the key mover here as they look at ways to manage their ageing population. The buzzword is "augment". Devices can help with lifting items to support the legs, lower back, arms and hands.

The newsletter has links to several of the technologies mention. Or go to the website, register and log on. Then search for "Exoskeletons" to see the full range we have so far.